Stallion Plan Covering Mix

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Stallion Plan Covering Mix
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Tailored nutrition for breeding stallions SUITABLE FOR Working and breeding stallions Tailored nutrition for stallions in a more concentrated form A specific energy balance at set times of the breeding season Stallions requiring optimum nutrient levels for consistent fertility & performance FEATURES & BENEFITS Includes Stamm 30® for nutrient continuity A balanced energy feed that produces a lower glycemic response in order to help moderate blood glucose levels in stallions A blend of energy sources are utilised including fibre, fat and starch, which has been shown to reduce reactive behaviour and increase focus, making stallions more manageable A powerful antioxidant system for sperm protection and function Boosted levels of Vitamin E for fertility and sperm motility Balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for sperm quality & quantity

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For the stallion, the year can be divided into two basic phases, the covering season and the off-season. Breeding stallions are often the most frustrating horses on a farm to maintain at optimal body condition; some become too lean at the height of the breeding season, while others remain heavy no matter what. By providing a carefully balanced diet alongside an appropriate exercise plan and monitoring weight regularly, a stallion can be kept trim all year long. Stallions vary greatly in the amount of exercise they give themselves; some are naturally more sedentary than others. The anxiety surrounding the breeding shed may prevent some of them from finishing meals. Once an ideal weight has been achieved, every attempt should be made to keep that weight static. Obesity predisposes stallions to laminitis, insulin resistance and soundness problems (particularly of the hind legs, which is reflective of the strain placed on them during breeding), and possibly heart attacks, often caused by aortal rupture. Extremely overweight stallions are also thought to have lowered libido. A balanced-energy feed with a lower glycemic response may help to moderate blood glucose levels in stallions A blend of energy sources including fibre, fat and starch has been shown to reduce reactive behaviour and increase focus, making stallions more manageable. The Stallion Plan Covering Mix has been formulated using the most recent research advances in stallion reproduction. Carnitine is included as research has demonstrated that it increases progressive sperm motility by over 50%. There is a properly balanced ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids - this has the potential to affect not only sperm quality but sperm quantity, and a powerful antioxidant system is provided by added natural Vitamin E and selenium - these nutrients create an environment ideal for sperm protection and function. The feed is fortified with optimal concentrations of supporting vitamins and minerals to promote stallion health and performance during covering, and the off-season. Stamm 30® is included for nutrient continuity. MANAGING THE OVER-WEIGHT STALLION If body weight is a problem, stallions should have restricted access to pasture, especially in the spring, and only enough feed to ensure the stallion's vitamin and mineral requirements are being met. An alternative way to satisfy these requirements is to feed our Stud & Performance balancer, Stamm 30®. It provides a high quality, dense source of nutrients with a low calorie content. During the off-season, stallions can be maintained on Stamm 30® and high-quality forage alone if they are good doers. We can help you with managing your stallion - please use our Feed Advice form to request a FREE consultation.

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Stud Range
Hmotnost: 20 kg
Olej: 6.0%
Protein: 14.5%
Vláknina: 11.5%
Energie: 12.5 MJ/kg
Škrob: 19.2%
Vitamin A: 26,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3: 3,450 IU/kg
Selen: 0.71 mg/kg

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