Recoup 11

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Recoup 11
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Recoup 11® a highly palatable sweetfeed, and Recoup Cubes, in a more concentrated pelleted form, are both suitable for horses in the early stages of pretraining and fittening work. They are also designed for horses on box-rest, or in light work following an injury, or a break from training. The oil levels and highly digestible fibres, such as soya hulls, alfalfa and sugar beet pulp, will maintain appropriate body condition while horses are on the ‘easy list’, and keep them manageable. The feeds are fortified with Saracen’s Stamm 30® supplement for nutrient continuity as work levels increase. Using Recoup 11® during convalescence or light exercise makes for a smooth transition between the higher energy racing feeds within the Saracen range, as their nutrient levels and ingredients are very compatible. It is suitable for feeding to yearlings as they are being broken in, to maintain an even temperament, before upgrading the energy levels in their diet.

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Racing Range
Hmotnost: 20 kg
Olej: 4.3%
Protein: 11.0%
Vláknina: 15.5%
Energie: 12.1 MJ/kg
Škrob: 22.8%
Vitamin A: 16,800 IU/kg
Vitamin D3: 3,000 IU/kg
Selen: 0.52 mg/kg

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