Speed Mix

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Speed Mix
€32 / Mix €29 bez DPH
SUITABLE FOR Meeting the demands of the performance horse Horses with limited appetites or fussy feeders All horses or ponies needing extra energy Young competition horses in work FEATURES & BENEFITS High Energy Mix Complex carbohydrates for replacement of glycogen during work Additional energy sourced from Super Fibres for controlled energy release Premium quality vegetable protein sources to encourage optimal muscle and tissue maintenance and repair Chelated minerals included which will help optimise natural resistance to stress and aid efficient muscle function Fully fortified with a totally unique mineral addition from Kentucky Equine Research Fixed formulation providing constant nutritional quality and consistency

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Saracen Speed Mix is the number 1 formula of high-energy mixes. Whatever the discipline: racing, eventing, trotting or polo, Saracen Speed Mix will deliver the high-octane fuel needed by the go-faster athletic horse. This high-quality, palatable mix contains elevated levels of energy carefully blended from cereals, fibres and oils in a balance that delivers sensitive and reactive control and handling when you want it. The diet also contains the raised levels of quality protein, vitamins and minerals demanded by the performance horse to be successful in competition whilst remaining fit and healthy. The well-balanced sources of energy, protein and micronutrients are utilised in such a way as to aid performance, stamina and muscle repair. The primary factor to consider when feeding the performance horse is that as exercise increases there is a need to increase the amount of energy fed.

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Performance Range
Hmotnost: 20 kg
Olej: 5.5%
Protein: 14.0%
Vláknina: 10.0%
Energie: 12.9 MJ/kg
Škrob: 28.0%
Vitamin A: 21,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3: 3,450 IU/kg
Selen: 0.57 mg/kg

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