Molassed Chaff

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€21,55 / Long Chop €18,74 bez DPH
Doplnkové krmivo, ktoré predlžuje dobu kŕmenia, podporuje žuvanie a slinenie, pôsobí priaznivo aj pri predchádzaní kolikových stavov u náchylných a citlivých koní.

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Saracen Molassed Chaff is produced to a traditional recipe and contains 22% fibre which provides essential roughage for any equine diet. It is a highly palatable dust-free product which can be mixed with any form of concentrate ration. The product is chopped longer to prevent feed bolting which can be a contributing factor in cases of colic. The longer chop has the added benefit of making the horse or pony chew its feed for longer. Digestion starts in the mouth and the horse will only produce saliva when it eats. Saliva helps lubricate the feed and is also an aid to digestion. Therefore, the more the animal chews its feed, the more effective digestion and utilization of the feed will be.

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Other Saracen Products
Hmotnost: 20 kg
Protein: 5.5%
Vláknina: 22.0%
Vitamin A:
Vitamin D3: